Resources for Teachers

Students in public schools, private schools, and home schools will enjoy Seppel’s adventures.  Reading Kingdom of the Birds provides an excellent introduction to the history of the Reformation and the culture of the late Middle Ages and early Renaissance.

This eight-page teachers’ guide for intermediate/middle school language arts and social studies includes vocabulary words, chapter review questions, and activities: KB Teachers’ Guide

Discussion questions for classrooms and other reading groups can be found here: KB discussion questions

Lessons for the Journey, a set of six worksheets for middle school religion classes, Lutheran confirmands,  and families,  connects major themes from Kingdom of the Birds to Reformation principles and applies those principles to situations of everyday life.  The topics include Prayer, Grace, Sabbath, Parent & Child Relationships, Servanthood, and Vocation.  The lesson packet is available here: KOTB Lessons for the Journey

An extensive list of activities on Martin Luther and the Reformation can be found here:


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