My Other Books

The Plank Road books, published by Crickhollow Books of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, are co-authored by my sister Emily Demuth Ishida.  She and I grew up in Racine County, Wisconsin, in the farming community in which these historical novels for middle readers are set.

Plank Road Summer takes place in 1852 when two 13-year-olds, Katie McEachron and her best friend Florence Mather, experience a new and exciting world one summer as the plank road brings strangers to their dinner tables and the plight of runaway slaves to their consciences.

plank_road_winter_coverPlank Road Winter is set in 1871, in the aftermath of the Great Chicago Fire and the Civil War, as young Sophie Caswell and Hans Hoffman deal with issues of family, friendship, and the importance of making good choices in difficult times.

You can learn more about the books at the Plank Road Stories website.


Hattie’s War takes place in Milwaukee in 1864, where 11-year-old Hattie Bigelow loses her back yard to a garden for the new Soldiers’ Home and rebels against her family’s expectations in a society transformed by the Civil War.


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