Articles and Interviews

June 8, 2010: Book Launch for Historical Novel at the Writer’s Handbook Blog

May 25, 2010: Embracing Creative Dreams at Midlife at Minding the Workplace, the blog of the New Workplace Institute

May 12, 2010: An Interview with Hilda Demuth at Straylight, the online literary magazine of the University of Wisconsin-Parkside


2 thoughts on “Articles and Interviews

  1. I saw your comment on one of the books Karl Lutze, your father in law wrote in the 2/2013 blog. I grew up in Tulsa when Pastor Lutze was at Prince of Peace. Also saw him a few years back here in Sheboygan. What a wonderful experience I had helping at his church in Tulsa. Our church Good Shepherd was their sister congregation in the 50’s and 60’s. If he is still around please say hi from Jann (Schmidt) Blanchard.

    • I will certainly greet him for you, Jann. In May he will receive an honorary doctorate from Concordia-St. Paul.

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