Mother of the Reformation

The invitation to a Reformation party sponsored by a women’s group at Immanuel imageLutheran Church in Valparaiso, Indiana, promised a special guest appearance by Katie Luther, also known as the “Mother of the Reformation.”

At the afternoon gathering, the hospitable Frau Luther welcomed visitors to her home and spoke about her busy life as the wife of Martin Luther–amid interruptions by their youngest daughter, a university student, a farmer, her aunt Magdalena von Bora, and Wittenberg professor Philipp Melanchthon.

imageProviding this entertainment for the church group was a family affair. My inspiration for writing “A Visit with Katie Luther” was an earlier piece by Immanuel member and family friend Constance Bretscher, my children’s piano teacher. At the Reformation party my daughter Elena performed the dramatic monologue wearing a costume designed by her sister Katrina.

After the performance Elena fielded questions about Katie Luther’s life, relying on her memories of visits to Wittenberg during choir tours with the Valparaiso University Chorale. Elena also sold copies of Kingdom of the Birds to audience members eager to learn more about the fascinating figures of Reformation history.

The monologue runs about eleven minutes; the script is formatted in 14-point font imagewith brief stage directions and convenient page turns. I encourage anyone interested in providing simple entertainment for a Reformation celebration to consider  “A Visit with Katie Luther,”  available as a free download here: A VISIT WITH KATIE LUTHER by Hilda Demuth-Lutze.

And if you use the piece, please let me know how your event turns out!


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