More Horses and Another Book

By the end of my writing career, perhaps not all of my book covers will feature horses. So far, however, I am three for three, as shown on the array of postcards below.

Plank Road Winter, a sequel to Plank Road Summer, will be released by Crickhollow Books on September 30. My sister/co-author Emily and I will celebrate with a launch party in a nineteenth-century schoolhouse in our home territory, Yorkville Township in Racine County, Wisconsin.

Set in 1871, Plank Road Winter introduces Sophie Caswell, who longs to escape the dullness of life in a small farming community. When the Chicago Fire brings city boy Hans Hoffman and his family to a nearby farm, Sophie stubbornly pursues her dreams while Hans struggles to adapt to a world very different from his bustling German neighborhood.

One of the significant sites in Plank Road Winter is the National Soldiers’ Home in Milwaukee, featured in the 1880s lithograph on which my postcards are displayed.  Not until I laid out the cards did I realize that the outline of Old Main is strikingly similar to the silhouette of the Wartburg Castle on the cover of Kingdom of the Birds.